Triple Header Discount


 Triple Header Discount

The Triple Header Discount Program gives parents who buy 3 camps enough camp cash for a FREE 4th Camp.  To qualify simply purchase 3 camps and email us for your Camp Cash Voucher Code.

 How it Works?

 Step 1: Register online for any (3) National Academy of Athletics Camps.
Step 2: Email us at office@naofa.us to request your Camp Cash.
Step 3: We will send you a gift certificate with the value of the least expensive camp.
It’s that easy. Once we get your email, we will email you a code to redeem for a Camp or other items.


If I buy 6 camps can I earn 2 camps? Yes. This program is stackable. You can earn as many and you buy. The only rule it that they must be purchased from your account for your children.
Do I have to purchase each of the 3 camps in a single transaction to qualify? Yes.
What if I would rather use the Camp credit to purchase other items? That is 100% fine. You can use it to purchase any item on our website, from camps and after school programs to products.
Can I use my voucher towards the camp I already purchased or is it for future camps? You may use your voucher toward any future events. It cannot go towars a camp you have already purchased.


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