Providing the tools for a game winning fundraiser!!!

The Sports-a-thon is a competition based fundraising event that takes place on location of Community Partner organizations. National Academy of Athletics provides a platform for all kids to generate pledge-based donations that are generated by the completion of sports based activities.


Up to 80% of the proceeds go the school, league or organization!


The National Academy of Athletics handles all of the event specific staffing and equipment. All that we ask is for the organization to provide 3 – 5 volunteers.

How it works.

• Selects the type of Sport-A-Thon you would like to run.
• Choose the date, times and location.
• We provide the marketing and fundraising materials for you to circulate.
• We send our top flight staff with curriculum and equipment to run the event.
• Your students get a fun competition based event.
• We record all event statistics and collect all donations.
• Your organization receives benefits from the funds raised.

Our Sports-A-Thon Options

• Pitch-A-Thon (Baseball)
• Free Throw-A-Thon (Basketball)
• Kick-A-Thon (Soccer)
• more coming soon…

Bring us to your school.

Calling all Principals, Teachers, PE Coordinators, PTA Presidents and Parent Liaisons.


If you are interested in bringing one of the most engaging and effective Fund Raising Programs to your school, you are in the right place.


For general information fill out the Interest Form below or call us at 1.866.90.SPORT

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Join the “Get Active” Program.

Calling all Principals, After School Program Coordinators, PTAs, PTOs, PTSAs and Foundation Presidents. If you are interested in bringing an action packed sports club to your school, you are in the right place. Do you want to receive sports equipment for your school? For information about becoming a “Get Active” Community Partner click here.  “Get Active”