Our staff delivers a sports focused FUNdraising event that takes place at your court or field. Players love the activity as they participate in this pledge-based program. The NAofA provides the necessary equipment and handles all marketing and management of fundraising activities.


What we Provide:

Our staff works with you to facilitate the entire program. The NAofA provides the necessary equipment, creates and delivers you the Marketing materials, banners, signs and prizes for top performers.



No up front costs to your organization

Your organization receives 80% of all donations collected.

Our Philosophy

Many volunteer parents run their fundraisers for their league or school. With this program we come in and do everything for you start to finish. Add to that the bonus that your children will be doing something fun and active to help raise money.



“The Sports-A-Thon was easy. The National Academy of Athletics provided everything. Their staff was high energy, experienced and truly made this a successful fundraiser.”
– Braxton Toomer, Registrar, St. Rose Catholic Youth Organization

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The National Academy of Athletics formula begins with us learning about you. The "discovery process" ensures we are tailoring our programs to meet your specific need and interest each time. There is no obligation at this point. We will simply use this information to ensure we’ve presented you with a proposal that best fits your school's need. Each of the easy steps below reflects our years of experience in doing just that.

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Step 2: Choose your Sports-A-Thon Fundraiser

NAofA offers several seasonal sports-themed fundraiser options, including Basketball, Baseball and Soccer. While kids strive for athletic goals in distance, speed and accuracy, they are helping to reach fundraising goals for their school or league.

What type of Sports-A-Thon would you like to have?(basketball, baseball, soccer) (required)

Step 3: Determine your fundraising goal

As in all great sports and fitness achievement, great financial achievement also starts with a goal.

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Step 4: Determine your fundraising timeline

Two essential keys to hitting your fundraising goals are timing and hype. NAofA will help provide plenty of hype!!! Fourteen days in advance of a Sports-A-Thon event, NAofA will deliver posters and yard signs to your organization. Then, seven days in advance of your event, we not only deliver flyers, we will hold a Pep Rally that gets all your kids energized about the event and motivated to get the pledges necessary to meet your goals. Our Sports-A-Thon Pep Rally’s have been the most fun, exciting and effective ways to help increase fundraising potential.

Please identify your first, second and third choices for your Pep Rally followed by your Sports-A-Thon fundraiser event (ideally seven days later).

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Step 5: Who is participating and at what time of day?

The success of your Sports-A-Thon event requires full participation from our Community Partner schools and league organizations. The number of kids and the time of day will help us determine our staffing needs.

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Step 6: It takes money to make money

Sports-A-Thon events are facilitated at no cost to our Community Partner organizations. However, there are costs associated with the development of marketing materials and facilitation of every amazing fundraiser event that we do. Volunteer support is essential, but there are still material, travel and personal expenses, and rather than simply passing those on to our Community Partners, we offer a means to offset those costs through it being recognized as an in-kind donation.

Does your organization recognize in-kind donations? (required)

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