Skills Challenge Booth

The skills challenge booth is a way to bring an engaging sports challenge to one of your events such as a back to school night or open house. We will come in a run an activity like a speed pitch challenge, hot spot shooting challenge, or the Quarterback Challenge. This is our way of getting kids excited about sports and promoting a healthier lifestyle getting kids away from all the video games.

Why you should participate.

Our Skills Challenge Booths provide a great way to bring a little competition and collaboration into your game-day, opening ceremony or league-based event.


Why we Offer it.

We love to do these events because it gives us a chance to engage with your families. Each booth provides a prize to the winners of the Skills Challenge.


How it Works.

It’s simple. Fill out the form below with your event date and details. We will respond by sending you confirmation that we have availability. To get started, apply below:


Apply Below:

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Active Options

Speed Pitch:
Booth manager sets up a radar gun that will track how fast each kid can throw a baseball into a net target.

Hotspot Shooting Competition:
Kids will have a variety of spots on a basketball court to shoot from, each spot being worth a different amount of points (the further away the more points). Each kid will have 45 seconds to take as many shots as possible. At the end of the 45 seconds, based on what shots were made, points will be tallied.

Soccer Juggle Challenge:
Kids will attempt to juggle the soccer ball as many times as they can before dropping it.

Quarterback Challenge:
Kids will have 45 seconds to throw as many footballs at a board that has different size targets (bigger holes less point, smaller holes more points). Points are tallied based on targets hit.

Non-Active Options

How many balls in the bucket Contest:
Kids will guess how many balls are in the bucket.

Spin the Wheel Contest:
Kids will spin the wheel for variable prizes.

Enter to Win Contest:
Enter to win a free week of camp.

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