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The National Academy of Athletics partners with schools, leagues, and municipalities to provide first class youth athletic programs. Through a strategic partnership with the NAofA, many cities have been able to offer quality sports programs to the youth in their community, while maintaining or reducing their expenses and balancing their budgets.

In 2018, the company will run over 720 sports programs in 82 cities. We provide local expertise and resources through a single point of contact for City Officials and Schools to administer top quality, professionally managed after school and summer/holiday break camps, physical education programs, league support programs and fundraisers.

Our Founder, Aaron Locks has a proven track record of providing safe, fun, active and educational youth sports programs to over 175,000 kids… and counting.

We have developed sports programs for two age groups. School Break Programs are perfect for boys and girls grades 1 – 8. Our  Juniors Academy is great for boys and girls 3 – 6 years old. 

Each School Break Clinic camp varies in length. Most sessions are offered from 9am – 3pm or 9am – noon. From beginners to more experienced players, whether they want to improve their skills or just compete, we have something that will motivate and challenge everyone! 

The National Academy of Athletics programs maintain a proven safety track record. Under the expert care of our coaches and directors, campers not only learn individual, sport-oriented skills, but also develop personally and socially, learning teamwork and building character and life skills through sports. 


National Academy of Athletics is on a mission to bring youth sports camps to kids throughout the nation. Besides being tons of fun, youth sports build skills such as teamwork, leadership and responsibility and important life lessons such as com- petition, perseverance and sportsmanship. Our camps teach kids how to cope through challenges and boost self-esteem and confidence.

We use sports to promote positive mental and physical development in our youth. We fight to diminish childhood obesity by advocating healthy, active lifestyles. We give kids the opportunity to have fun and meet positive people, such as coaches and parent volunteers, who will mentor them as they grow.

Through Inspiration, Motivation and Perspiration, we believe sports brings out a positive change in every participant!


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or drop us an email at info@NAofA.us.

“The clinics we ran with Aaron and his team were nothing short of incredible. His dedication and drive is what made it all happen.”

Dusty Baker

MANAGER , Cincinnati Reds