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RSVP – Run, Speed, Vertical Power Summer Camp


Location:Grant Park and Community Center
City:Los Altos
Dates:07/23 to 07/27/2018
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RSVP – Run, Speed, Vertical Power Summer Camp
The “RSVP”, Run, Speed, Vertical and Power Track Camp by National Academy of Athletics is packed with fun. Whether your child is a beginner or more advanced athlete, the drills taught at this camp will help them become a better athlete. Our RSVP camps are the perfect place to learn about the quickness, power and fitness while having a blast and making new friends. Open to boys & girls ages 7 – 13.

  • Proper conditioning and warm-ups
  • Balance and coordination
    • Starts, cutting and stops
  • Confidence builder program
    • Competitions and Games
  • Power and vertical skills
  • Footwork, speed and agility
  • Handshake competition

Whether they want to improve their skills or just compete, we have something that will motivate, educate and challenge everyone! You can feel good sending your kids to a summer soccer camp that’s in a fun and safe environment with a motivating and positive coaching staff.

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