Preparing Your Child

If you’re looking to have your child have a positive youth sports experience there’s a few fundamental skills and checklist items you may want to consider. We always suggest that you discuss with your child about the sport and obligation in terms of how many hours of practice and games and the like the season to be sure they understand what they are really signing up for. It’s important to get them some basic fundamentals and understanding of their sport in terms of the skills, rules of the game and what it would be like to play.

While equipment is important, it is not important that you go out and buy expensive brand new equipment if they are just trying to support. There’s nothing wrong with starting out with used equipment. Lastly, it is important that you practice with them. With Rich rebounding when they shoot hoops or playing catch, they will appreciate your support and we find that parents to participate with their kids how much more enjoyable experience overall.

To help your child develop confidence, we suggest that you look into registering them for fundamental sports camps. Often, they are offered prior to the start of the season which helps them to understand the game better, no rules of the game and begin to enjoy the sport. Good luck on your youth sports journey. It really dos not matter if they have never played a sport before, if you get them playing and falling in love with being healthy and active, they are a winner.