We invite your City, School, Organization or League to become a Community Partner!

With over 80 partnerships with City Recreation Department’s, Youth Sports Leagues, Schools, Boy & Girls Clubs, YMCA’s and Private youth sports organizations, the National Academy of Athletics is growing to be the youth sports provider of choice.

The partnerships create true WIN-WIN-WIN opportunities:

The entity wins by providing a quality product to their community.

The parents win by having high quality actives for their kids.

The kids win by having tons of fun and learning sports specifics and life skills.

“Working with National Academy of Athletics has been a total collaboration from the start. They have been easy to work with, professional and simply want to provide the best recreational sports experience for children possible. This partnership has helped the City of Rocklin double the recreational sports programs that it can offer to its residents and their families.”

Chris Meyer | Recreation Coordinator

Top 10 reasons why partnering with the National Academy of Athletics will make total sense.


1. ONE STOP SHOP – All your youth sports needs under one shield!

2. Local Leadership & Representatives

3. 9 different Team Sports

4. Players, Coaches, Parents & Officials Programs

5. Year Round Flexible Programming, Scheduling and Tuition’s


6. Certified, Trained & Fingerprinted Staff

7. In House Design & Marketing Support

8. Full Administrative Services

9. Integration into Local Leagues & Other Youth Organizations

10. Complete Registration Ability

And we are nice, fun, professional people!


Would you like to bring the National Academy of Athletics to your community? Don’t wait! We’ll take great care of you!

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Annual Planning Meeting Planning:

It is our goal to spend about 15-20 minutes with all new Community Partners to discuss ways to maximize our ability to provide fundraising support, in-kind donations and general sports supplementation. It is preferred that as many school administration and PTA/PTO/PTSA or LEAGUE decision makers as possible be at the meeting.

Note: This meeting can take place during a scheduled PTA/PTO/PTSA or LEAGUE Board Meeting (if possible)

Please let us know your available time slots, board meeting dates and any other details that would aid us in scheduling the meeting:

“Aaron has a special way with children. He is an exceptional role model and his energy is quite contagious.”

-Coach John Wooden, UCLA Retired

“Here is the deal, Aaron gets it! His knowledge of the game is great but his ability to teach is even better. Kids love him.”

-George Karl, NBA head coach with over 1,000 Wins