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The Journey by the Ages

Once you’ve decided that you want your child to learn the benefits associated with playing on youth sports team it is important that you understand what the journey will be like from start all the way through high school.

Kindergarten through 1st or 2nd grade – When you start them up playing, it is very important that you have one goal. That is to help the fall love with playing sports. We suggest doing that by making sure that they are having fun during games and practice and you play with them as much as possible

3rd – 5th grade – fundamentals – Once they reach grades 3 through 5, we still need to nurture their love of playing their chosen sport, but is now important for us to help to develop their fundamental skills and understanding of the rules as well as develop their sport specific IQ.

6 – 8th grade – Once they reach junior high school, grades 6 through 8, we always want to continue to reinforce their love of the game, we should also be very focused on the fundamentals and now start to pay attention to their willingness and interest in competing. Their minds will shift and they will start to understand more about wining and losing. That’s not to say that that is the only focus, but it is important for them to understand that through the use of proper fundamentals and their efforts, they can then begin to compete at a higher level.

High School – Once your child gets to high school, you, the parent become a spectator. As a parent, we always want to be involved in our kids lives, but we have to realize that the high school coaches control everything when it comes our kids playing sports for them. Coaches will control when, where and how long any conversation last. Even if your child is just a freshman, if you find out from the varsity coach what their style of play is, what they might be looking for the future, you can help your child to work during the off-season to obtain those skills.