Get Active with National Academy of Athletics!!!

“Get Active” is a partnership between the National Academy of Athletics and local Schools, leagues and Parks + Rec. Departments across America. It was developed to provide every elementary and middle school student with the opportunity to develop a healthy love for sports. Our philosophy is that through sports kids develop confidence and are encouraged to create active lifestyle habits. Together as Partners, we can fight the battle against childhood obesity.

Partnership Requirement:

Your sole “Get Active” Partnership commitment is to help us in this mission! We need you to help educate parents and children about our amazing sports programs so we can help kids “Get Active” and maintain an active lifestyle through-out the year.

Partnership Benefits:

Access to a series of FREE sponsor benefits ranging from Sports Challenge booths for your scheduled events, Sports gift pack for fundraising purposes, Gift packs for your coaches, etc…

Preferred pricing for any of our sports programs

Partnership Requirement:

Your sole Get Active Partnership commitment is to help us in this mission! We need you to help educate parents and players in your league about our other amazing sports programs so we can keep kids active and healthy through-out the year.

We ask you to commit to at least 5 communication channels below:

Flyers (provided and sorted by us)

Email Blasts (provided by us)

** Either Flyers or Email Blast must be available

Yard Signs (provided by us)

Newsletters (ad provided by us)

Facebook (ad provided by us)

Websites (ad provided by us)

Flyer stands or Posters (provided by us)

Banner (provided by us)

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The sole commitment we ask from your school or organization is that you align with our effort to educate your students and players about our youth sports programs through 5 of the 8 of our preferred communication channels. *Note: Every community partner is required to include flyers or e-flyers as one of their communication channels.
FlyersE-FlyersFacebook PostsYard SignsNewsletterWebsite PlacementPostersBanner

The ability to educate your students through at least 5 of the 7 communication channels above is our minimum requirement for partnership. However, if you cannot commit to allow us to utilize at least 5 channels please explain or provide alternative communication channels consideration.

If you are not the contact person that manages any of the channels above please provide us with the name(s) and email(s) of person(s) that manage each of these channels

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