Applying for the “Get Active California” Scholarship

As a part of our effort to expose ALL California children to opportunities to learn, play and get active, we have crafted the “Get Active California” Scholarship.
This program provides partial or full scholarships to our camps, based on availability.


How it Works?

Step 1: Once you apply, your name will be added to our Summer Camp Scholarship Contact List.

Step 2: For all non-sold-out camps we set aside a certain amount of full and partial scholarships.

Step 3A: All available Partial Scholarships will be offered Thursday. 4 days before camp.  (via email and call)

Step 3B: All available Full Scholarships will be offered Friday. 3 days before the start of camp. (via email and call)

Step 4: The scholarships are first come first serve, so the first to redeem them will fill the available spots.

 Apply Below.



I want to plan early for summer, can my scholarship be awarded prior to one week before camp? No, all of our scholarships are based on availability and only available one week before camp starts.
How will I be informed of available scholarships each week? Scholarships will be announced via email every Monday and Friday.
If I use a partial scholarship on a camp, can I cancel it or transfer it to another week? No, all scholarships are final sale. No refund, exchange or transfer.

“Get Active California” Scholarship Application



Your Name


Phone Number

What school does your child attend?

How many children are you looking to register for camp?

Our camps are usually $170 – $200 per week. We try our best to provide full scholarships, if possible, but we offer far more partial-scholarships slots each week. With this being the case, we would like to get a better understanding of how much you would be able to put towards you camp.

How much of the $170 - $200 would you be able to pay towards your child's camp?

If you have specific camp dates that you are looking for, please provide them below:

Depending on the browser you use, you may only see a spinning arrow after you click "submit." Please check your email for a conformation.

Thank you!