The National Academy of Athletics formula begins with us learning about you. The "discovery process" ensures we are tailoring our programs to meet your specific need and interest each time. There is no obligation at this point. We will simply use this information to ensure we’ve presented you with a proposal that best fits your need. Each of the easy steps below reflects our years of experience in doing just that.

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Sports 101

Instructors guide students through the basics of various sports in a semester-long program divided into 4-week modules. Each module addresses a specific sport, giving kids an understanding of the rules and the ability to perform the fundamentals of that sport. Because our emphasis is on education and effort, students develop skills and confidence without the anxiety of wins and losses. This is a fantastic way for students to try new sports in a positive and encouraging environment.

Training Camp

This fitness-based topic challenges students to compete in multiple sports movement modules. This is the perfect blend of sport-specific athletics and physical activity. Each day in camp students are challenged to do their best through a series of specific training exercises. They have so much fun developing their mental and physical abilities they don’t even realize its exercise.


We have produced a series of playground games built on sound sports fundamentals. Our energetic instruction and positive reinforcement teaches students how they can play these games on their own, during self-directed play at school or after school with friends.

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Step 3: Estimating cost and timing

Fitness through Fundamentals carries a minimum of an eight-week commitment. Each of the three topics; Sports 101, Training Camp, Fundamentals runs a minimum of four weeks, with a minimum of four sessions per day. The more sessions you have, the lower your cost per session. For every day we are onsite we need to conduct a minimum of four sessions. For example, if you only had four total sessions per week, all four would take place on the same day. Prices may vary by county. Note: Reduced rates also apply to schools registered as Community Partners*

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Step 4: Understanding your funding options

Making Fitness Through Fundamentals affordable is part of our goal. Options range from having each individual student register independently online to the more popular method of using various funding sources to cover all or a portion of the fees. Some funding methods offer far greater advantages than others and come with different operational responsibilities, such as participant registration and marketing. We’ve listed some options here in order, from easier to more challenging. Please indicate which you think is most likely.

That was easy. Now simply hit submit. We will generate a proposal that clearly outlines what it will take to launch your Fitness through Fundamental Program. You can use this proposal as a means to communicate it to your organization and gain approval.

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