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Frequently Asked Questions


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Will my child be safe at National Academy of Athletics Camps?

Who does the teaching at the camps?

What is special about National Academy of Athletics Camps compared to other Sports camps?

Who are the National Academy of Athletics Camps for?

What will my child learn or gain from attending these camps?

What is the player coach ratio?

Daily Schedule – Sample this schedule will need to be rewritten for our specific camp

Who will my child be playing with?

Does National Academy of Athletics Camps utilize the same drills at every camp?

What is the benefit in returning to camp again and again?

Do the boys and girls practice and play together?

Where are these camps held?

My child is young and never played before. Will this camp be too intense or hard for them?

Can my child miss a day or half-day during a camp? Will this put them behind?

Staff Background checks and training

Is there a Camp Waiver

What is your Privacy Policy?

What is the Cancelation Policy

What if I cannot find the answer to my question

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