Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child be safe at National Academy of Athletics Camps?


Absolutely! Safety is our number one priority. Aaron Locks has been running quality sports camps in Northern California for over 20-years, we have never had a child be seriously injured. We are proud of this record. National Academy of Athletics Camps has very strict rules.

For example:

  • All Campers are signed in and out from camp each day.
  • All Staff is first aid and CPR certified.
  • All camp staff coaches are 18 years or older.
  • Campers are not allowed out of the gym, except to use the restroom.
  • All campers using the restroom must go with another camper as a “buddy”.
  • All basketball counselors have been thoroughly trained to never be in a compromising situation with campers. When talking with campers about personal issues, we always have two counselors present. Counselors are never to leave the gym with a camper.
Who does the teaching at the camps?

All of our programs are led by a highly trained team of coaches, teachers, & college athletes who are carefully chosen to ensure each campers safety, skill development, & individual enjoyment. At all National Academy of Athletics programs, we encourage the campers to play with confidence, enthusiasm and a love of the game. We use local college athletes to support our experienced camp directors.

What is special about National Academy of Athletics Camps compared to other Sports camps?

The National Academy of Athletics Camps have a proven track record of improving the skills of our campers both on and off the court. The camps utilize training and coaching techniques developed for players of all ages. The founder, Aaron Locks and his programs are recognized as one of the best sports have to offer. In short, the kids who attend our camps learn a lot, have fun, meet friends and become better players.

Who are the National Academy of Athletics Camps for?

Everyone. However, each camp has different ages and specifications to help insure that each participant has a positive experience. See each camp for details.

What will my child learn or gain from attending these camps?

The children will develop an understanding of how to become a more confident player on the court or field. This translates to an enhanced sense of self-confidence and “unstoppability” in life. They will learn by practicing specially designed, age-specific drills and techniques in skill progression, positive and fun, sports environment .( They will learn by practicing specially designed, age-specific drills and techniques in a positive and fun sports environment.) In addition, all National Academy of Athletics camps feature “word of the day” which is designed to help reinforce life skills at the camp.

What is the player coach ratio?

Our staff of energetic coaches are placed in each camp with a maximum camper-to-coach ratio of 10-1.

Daily Schedule

Each Camp has a specific schedule but this is a pretty good example of what you should expect.

9:00am Structured Free Play

9:15am Introduction (staff, camp rules and facility etc.)

9:30am Wake Up Call – Warm Up Happy Feet series

9:45am Evaluation Games

10:10am BREAK

10:15am Roll Call

10:20am Stations (3 min verbal – 6 min teach – 6 min play)

10:40am Stations (3 min verbal – 6 min teach – 6 min play)

11:00am Stations (3 min verbal – 6 min teach – 6 min play)

11:15am Snack Break

11:20am Individual Competitions

11:35am Team Competitions

12:00pm LUNCH

12:30pm Structured Free Play

1:00pm Roll Call

1:10pm Mass Clinic

1:35pm Break

1:40pm Competitions and Challenges

2:00pm Break

2:05pm Individual Competitions

2:30pm Break

2:35pm Group Games and Competitions

2:55pm Review and Dismissal


Who will my child be playing with?


At the start of every camp the coaches do a warm up and camper evaluation. Each child is placed into groups by age and ability. The goal is to put them with players of equal ability and ages. Players will be moved during the week in order to best help their enjoyment and skill development.

Does National Academy of Athletics Camps utilize the same drills at every camp?

Each sport specific camp is designed to have drills that are fast paced yet focused enough to help the players understand what to do, how to do it and why to do it. This helps players truly understand the game that they are playing. Many of the sport specific fundamental drills remain the same for all skill levels. As players progress in abilities, they are given higher-level drills to practice and work on.

What is the benefit in returning to camp again and again?

Participants benefit greatly from additional sessions of National Academy of Athletics. On each return trip to camp, our participants work on mastering the lessons from previous sessions. This strengthens the “muscle memory” started in the initial camp. Additionally, as a camper progresses, they learn higher level skills. Many of our campers have attended 3, 4, or more sessions with us.

Do the boys and girls practice and play together?

At most of our camps, yes. We believe that boys and girls (with the same skill level) should play together . In the real world, men and women work together and are expected to perform the same task. The exception is the high potential camps like Superstar Invitational Camps.

Where are these camps held?

The National Academy of Athletics camps are offered at local sport fields and schools are part of our ongoing partnership with local schools, cities and parks and recreation departments. Each sport camp and session has different locations in different cities. Check the calendar for the dates and locations of the camps coming to your area.

My child is young and never played before. Will this camp be too intense or hard for them?

It may be. Our camps are a lot of work. This particular age group, ages 6 – 7, can only attend camp half day… 9am – noon. There are limited camps for players in that age group. If you are not sure, we suggest that you begin with an All Sport camp as a great introduction. If you are not sure . Feel free to call our helpful staff and we can help guide you to the perfect cap for your child.

Can my child miss a day or half-day during a camp? Will this put them behind?

It is not uncommon for kids to occasionally miss a day or have to leave early or late on some days due to various reasons. We realize that family schedules require flexibility. If they miss instructions for a new drill, we will ensure they get time with a camp counselor to bring them back up to speed.

Staff Background checks and training

To ensure the highest quality and safety of our campers, our directors and coaches are checked through the National Database by Castlebranch, one of the most thorough employment screening agencies in the nation. (one of the most thorough employment screening agencies in the nation, Castlebranch.)
In addition, most cities we work in partnership with and provide fingerprinting services for each of the coaches in using the LiveScan system.
Every Camp Director is first aid and CPR certified and all coaches receive first aid training.
All staff members are personally trained by the founder and CEO of the National Academy of Athletics, Aaron Locks, and are selected for their athletic skill, ability to teach and their love for kids.

Is there a Camp Waiver

Yes. When you register your child for camp, you must click that you have read our waiver. If you register through one of our partner cities, you will sign their waiver.

What is your Privacy Policy?

You have our word, you’re safe with us.

We will never sell any personally identifiable information to a third party for marketing purposes. We will never overload your inbox. We will send you relevant camp information.

We will only disclose information to third parties about your account or the transfers or payments you make:
• When it is necessary for opening or maintaining your account, or for completing transfers or payments
• If lawfully required or
• If you request or authorize it


What is the Cancelation Policy

Payment Information –
$75 deposit per child per session is due at the time of registration in order to secure your camper’s spot in the camp. This is a non-refundable deposit, barring medical issues (see below).
Refund Policy –
First, we would like to encourage you to simply move to another session so your child can have the experience of summer camp. However, we understand that things come up and you may need to cancel all together. To do so, please call or email us with this information.
• $75 Deposit is not refundable or transferable at any time unless it is a medical reason (must have written explanation from Doctor).
• If you cancel with more than 21 days till the session start date, then you will receive all money paid EXCEPT $75 refund
• 14-20 days until the session start date, 50% refund
• 7 days prior to start of camp session = SORRY NO REFUND
Medical reason for cancellation –
We understand that medical issues may arise or just as your child is set to attend camp. Please call us as soon as possible to inform us of your need to cancel. We will ask that you submit a written excuse from your child’s physician. If you child is sick and there is time and room, we will work with you to switch your camper to a later session.
If you have questions – call 866-90-SPORT and one of our camp specialists will be happy to help.

What if I cannot find the answer to my question

Call us at 866-907-7678 or email [email protected]!

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