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Difference Between Recreational Leagues and Programs

As your child continues to play their chosen sport, there will come a time where you’ll be asked to participate in competitive leagues.While there is nothing wrong with competing or play on a competitive team, it is very important that you and your child understand the difference between the two.

During most recreational leagues, all players play some level of minimum time or in many cases they all receive equal play. Most youth recreational leagues will be fundamental based. Many do not even keep score. Rather than focusing on wins and losses, they tend to focus on fundamental skills and helping your child to have fun.

Once you enter into the world of competitive, travel or higher level Leagues, the focus then becomes more about competition. That’s not to say that there will be not be skill development during competitive leagues, but it is important that we understand that recreational leagues are primarily about fun and development where competitive leagues or more about development and wins and losses.

Before you place your child in a competitive league, it is important that you understand what the Leagues foundation and rules are. As an example, if you have a child that is not fully committed to playing any given sport, I suggest you try recreational rather than competitive league play.

Lastly, no matter if they’re going to play competitive or recreational, I highly suggest that you get your child some training. Many kids will participate in youth sports camps where they get tons of instruction, positive reinforcement, fun games and challenges as they develop their love for the game as well as their individual skills and sports IQ.