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Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity

If you like kids, you will love this business!

National Academy of Athletics Sports Investment Opportunity

We are looking for someone who wants to blend their entrepreneurial spirit with their love of sports! Aaron Locks and the National Academy of Athletics have a proven track record of providing successful youth sports programs for over 30 years.

You have an opportunity to be a part of the success

The National Academy of Athletics is now partnering with great people to Licensing Territories.

You will work with us and be given the tools and trained to secure facilities, develop your programs and what you need to hire & train your staff. In addition you will be given proven strategies to effectively promote your programs as well as daily curriculum and game plans.

We will teach you how to offer the youth in your area this amazing experience while creating a meaningful, enjoyable and financially rewarding business of your own.

The NAofA combines enthusiastic leadership methods, with trained & experienced staff to offer an unequaled youth sports experience.

“Child-related franchises are “high-growth, low-risk business …
They are pretty much recession-resistant, since people are going to scrimp in a lot of areas before they start cutting stuff for children.”

– Jeff Elgin, CEO of FranChoice, in Entrepreneur magazine March 2010 issue

“This has been a great experience. I love what I am doing. Aaron and his team are so supportive and we are building something that is fun and profitable.”

– Missy Bradley, Area Captain

Whether you are looking for a seasonal opportunity or a full time career in the sports business, the National Academy of Athletics has something that will be sure to be a home run! This opportunity does take a minimal investment of time and money on your part – however the potential is tremendous!

If you like sports and want to make a living doing something you love, while having a positive impact on your community then contact the Academy today.

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    • You get to hang out with kids!

    • You get to help mold them into healthy, confident young people. People give you money to be around sports.

    • There is a huge demand and need for high quality sports programs

According to The Center for Kids First in Sports, the following is true:

    • 30 – 40 million kids play organized sports each year!

    • There are 2-4 million coaches, less than 20% have received any training!

Not only is this a fun business, but it is an opportunity to truly help the kids in your community grow up to be healthy, confident, productive adults.

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