After School Sports Club

The National Academy of Athletics After School Sports Club was developed by professional athletes and coaches to provide strong character development through an early introduction to sports. It is our mission, to keep youth sports a healthy part of children’s lives.

These days many kids go home to an empty home and play video games until their parents get home from work- 20 years ago kids met up at a park and played. We believe that was an invaluable time in a child’s life. They learn to communicate, plan, strategize and even overcome obstacles with each other, without being given direction from a parent.

Our programs are the most effective way for children to build a healthy interest in sports and an understanding of the rules and skills needed to compete, while allowing them time to simply play with friends in a safe, fun environment.

Programs can be funded by the school, PTA, or we can take enrollment fees from the parents through our website.

How it works.

Step 1: Pick a sport for the semester

Step 2:
Decide how many weeks you wish to run the program

Step 3:
Decide which day(s) of the week you’d like us to run the program
Step 4: Submit a proposal request

If you are not sure and have questions about our programs, please fill out the Interest Form below or call us at 1.866.90.SPORT.

Program Interest Form

If you are ready to bring the NAofA After School Program to your campus, please fill out the following form. This will allow us to create a no obligation proposal for you.

Join the “Get Active” Program.

Calling all Principals, After School Program Coordinators, PTAs, PTOs, PTSAs and Foundation Presidents.
If you are interested in bringing an action packed sports club to your school, you are in the right place. Do you want to receive free sports equipment for your school? For information about becoming a “Get Active” Community Partner click here.  “Get Active”