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After School Sports Club

The National Academy of Athletics After School Sports Club is the most effective way for children to build a healthy interest in sports and an understanding of the rules and skills needed to compete. Our program was developed by professional athletes and coaches to provide strong character development through an early introduction to sports.


Provide a health and wellness-based after school club option. Give your students the opportunity to learn fundamentals from the pros. Earn a visit from a professional athlete. Provide an introduction to a different sport each semester.

How it works.


Step 1: Pick a sport for the semester

Step 2:
Decide how many weeks will the program run?

Step 3:
Decide what day of the week it will be on?

Step 4:
Define who is paying?

Step 5:
Submit a proposal request.

Step 6: We reply with a per student cost.

Bring a pro athlete to your school. (**Atlanta only)


The National Academy of Athletics Pro-Day is a day of inspiration for your club members. Our goal is to grant our successful clubs a chance to interact with their college and pro sports heroes in a more intimate setting. We will set a pro-day registration goal for every club. If we hit that goal the Pro-Day will be activated and we will identify a current or former professional or college athlete to come to your school and talk about their journey into pro sports.

Join the “Get Active” Program.


As a part of our commitment to fostering opportunities for children to fall in love with sports we have created the CLUB BONUS. All “Get Active” Community Partner schools will receive a $250 Sports Equipment Credit for each semester that they host a Sports Club.

For information about becoming a “Get Active” Community Partner click here.
Become a “Get Active” Community Partner

Bring us to your school.


Calling all Principals, After School Program Coordinators, PTAs, PTOs, PTSAs and Foundation Presidents.
If you are interested in bringing an action packed sports club to your school, you are in the right place.

For general information fill out the Interest Form below or call us at 1.866.90.SPORT

Program Interest Form

If you would like us to build you a formal proposal fill out the Proposal Request Form below:

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