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Escondido, CA
New Years Ball Handling and Shooting Clinic 1/02 to 1/05/2018
MLK Basketball Game Day 1/15/2018 - 1 day camp

The National Academy of Athletics

Creating Confidence Through Fundamentals, Fitness and Fun!

Sports Camps that Create Confidence Through Fundamentals, Fitness and Fun!

Our sports camps allow each camper the chance to gain new skills, meet new friends, compete and have tons of fun!

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Our Programs

Sports Camps

If your child likes sports, or expressed interest in playing sports, they will love these camps and clinics!
• Sports Skill Development
• Daily games and competitions
• Confidence Builders Program
• Friends and tons of fun!


Fitness Through Fundamentals

In school activity classes offering sports, athletic and general fitness instruction.
• Structured P.E. suppliment
• Certified Staff
• Affordable
• Addaptable

League Support Programs

Skill Levels


Our sports camps at this level are specifically designed to help players of all abilities to do three things. First is to help them to have tons of fun while falling in love with playing their chosen sport. Second is to teach the sports specific individual and team skills to become more confident as part of a team and last but not least is to teach participants the valuable life skills to be successful on and off the field of competition.


These programs provide players with intermediate to advanced skill levels the individual opportunity to develop high-level sport specific, athletic and life skills. The goal is for each participant to become more confident. On offense, players learn to be more explosive, balanced and skilled while on defense then learn to become more skilled and assertive so when they return to their teams, they will be able to contribute no matter what system their coach runs.


Sports camps at the Elite level help serious athletes build individual skills that push the limits of their current abilities. Mentally, players are challenged to focus to build mental discipline and tactical understanding. Each day they are challenged to do their best during intensive, small group stations, which are specifically designed to help them become mentally tough and physically skilled. Players compete in small-sided games, individual competitions and challenges.

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