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While there are hundreds of private academic counselors in the Bay Area, they are one of the very few who specialize in student-athletes, and one of the fewer still who encompass both academic and athletic


"What We Do"

High School counselors will readily admit that they are usually not proficient in their knowledge of college athletics. High school and private coaches often do not have a true understanding of the academic requirements and issues related to college admissions. Most importantly, neither is able to devote the time necessary to find colleges that are the proper fit academically, athletically and socially for their students. This isn't their area of expertise.

"Why We Are Not Just a Recruiting Service

The National Academy of Athletics is proud to work with NEXT LEVEL to offer your student the opportunity to explore what it takes to compete and excel both on and off the court.

The services provided by NEXT LEVEL are top notch and help students from Grade school, junior high and high school.

got questions - you can call the National Academy of Athletics or call NEXT LEVEL directly at 415-419-3561