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Man on a Youth Sports Mission

“I try to take 1950s values and combine them with 2010 technology,” Locks said. “The work ethic, the discipline, the family values, the loyalty, the necessity of teammates, shuffle all that together with the technology of today, and you have the perfect combination.


Aaron joking around with George Karl
at basketball camp in 1986

That perspective gained some depth after Locks graduated from Sonoma State university. He worked one year with UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, helping Wooden run his sports camps at California Lutheran University. It was advanced further when he worked for the Los Angeles Lakers for three seasons, running youth sports camps for Pat Riley and Magic Johnson. It gained permanent traction when Locks worked in the same capacity with the Golden State Warriors for three years during the era of Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullin.

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Man on a youth sports mission

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