Coaches Clinics and retreats

In this day and age where many youth sports are over coached and under taught the National Academy of Athletics is working hard to offer training for coaches, players, parents and officials.

No reasonable person can refute the fact that the fundamental skills of American players are slipping, and therefore the American game.  I believe a primary reason is an increased emphasis on coaching the game, and a decreased emphasis on teaching our kids how to play the game.

Generally, "coaching" consists of team preparation, the devising of game plans and schemes to defeat opponents.  When you are coaching, you are dealing with strategies, different offenses and defenses, and putting in plays to take advantage of the skills, strengths and weaknesses of players.  The measure of a coach is the quality of the development of his system, and has been distilled into winning.

"Teaching" consists of instruction and training of individuals in the fundamental skills of the game, and in teaching players how to play, instead of how to run plays.  The measure of a teacher is not in winning, but in the fundamental soundness and skill level of the players taught.  A player with excellent fundamentals and skills can play successfully in any system.

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