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The National Academy of Athletics offers Fitness Thru Movement as a way for children to be introduced to the world of health and fitness. .These programs specialize in helping kids learn that fitness is fun! Each day is filled with activities that include non traditional physical education, combined with some sports skills. Kids love these camps as they are challenged to do their best each day while they make new friends and have tons of fun! Fitness Thru Movement Active Kids Camps, are great for boys and girls ages 6-8 and 9-13. Campers are grouped by age and ability to learn appropriate drills, skills, and techniques.



Fitness Through Fundamentals
Provides quality PE Supplimentation to school age boys and girls. In each class, students are taught the skills and concepts of a variety of sports, exercise and games. We provide engaging, active and entertaining activities with a core curriculum of developing a healthy interest in sports and fitness combined with character building, focusing on shaping confidence, sportsmanship, and life skills in kids.

· Sport 101
This program focuses on teaching kids the basics of sports. Throughout the semester the instructor will guide the students to different sports in 4-week modules. Each module will leave your students with an understanding of the rules and the ability to execute the basic fundamentals of a specific sport. This helps the students learn the fundamentals of multiple sports without the anxiety of wins and losses. We focus on teaching and their efforts rather than the results. This is a great way for your students to try new sports in a positive and encouraging environment.

· Bootcamp
This fitness-based program will challenge your students to complete multiple sports movement modules. This is the perfect blend of sports specific, athletics and physical activities. Each day the students will be challenged to do their best during a series of exercise based trainings where they will work on their mental and physical abilities. They will be having so much from they will not realize that they are exercising.

· Fundamentals
This program is a very discreet and fun way to teach children the fundamentals of sports. We have created a series of play ground games that demand that a child use sports fundamentals to compete. With the energetic instruction and positive reinforcement, students fall learn games and activities that they can play with self directed play during school recess or after school with their friends.REGISTER NOW

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