Advanced Development Camps



Research studies have been conducted with hundreds of thousands of children who participate in sports. Generally, these studies show that youth who participate in organized sports during middle and high school do better academically and are offered greater job prospects than children who do not partake in sports activities





National Academy of Athletics Advanced Development Sports Camps train players in the individual skills they will need to succeed when they return to their team.

In order to improve, players must compete with and against better players. At camp players are challenged to push the limits of their skills, learn new concepts and compete. They spend time working on individual fundamental skill development.

Featured Sessions
Speed & agility training            RSVP (Run-Speed-Vertical-Power)         Academic prep       
Video Review                           Individual Skills Video                                                          
Position Specific Training         Individual & team competitions & games   
Written player evaluations development skills from high school & college coaches

Each session offers two divisions. Grades 6 - 8 and 9-11. Players are grouped upon age and ability.

The Advanced Development Camps are focused on helping serious players improve. The staff is known for his knowledgeable and motivating approach to helping player reach their true potential. The staff is hand selected for their ability to work with gifted athletes. They are experienced sport coaches who will guide the players through workouts and challenges at camp.

Campers participate in 3 training sessions, 2 games and challenges daily. In addition players will be videotaped in a shooting clinic, receive written skills evaluation and attend 2 academic preparation sessions